Success Stories

Jamie’s Success Story

Name: Jamie McMahon Age:  34 Time with No Bull: 20 months and 10 days Goal of the program: lose weight and gain strength. Weight gained/lost (with an explanation if necessary, for example in the case of going from a cut… Read more »

Hannes’ Success Story

Overall how has your experience been with Coach Steph? I could not be happier with my experience with Stephanie!  Her patience and willingness to answer my questions and give good suggestions and advice in general, and during my travels in… Read more »

Meg’s Success Story

Massing Phase Results: 162 lbs vs 175 lbs “Don’t gain weight,” ‘they’ said; “you’ll get fat,” ‘they’ said. Yet one year later + 10+ lbs of “smart” weight = strength and booty gains. I’ll take the higher scale over the… Read more »

My Success Story Part II

36 weeks pregnant : 6 days postpartum : 3 months postpartum There was no magic pill, no crazy crash dieting, and no crazy workout routine. My avenue for success was through consistent flexible dieting and exercise. The combination of the… Read more »

Lauren’s Success Story w/ Coach Cat

Overall how was your experience with coach Cat? My experience with Cat was exceptional!  From day one, I felt comfortable sharing with her my concerns with starting a new lifestyle and she was so accessible when I had questions regarding… Read more »

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Mark’s Success Story

Flexible Dieting Success Story

Mark’s Success Story “I would like to share my success story since I joined Crossfit Woodbridge (CFW) and started working with NoBull Nutrition (NBN). First let me say that I was a young athlete on both the football and track… Read more »

Nick’s Weight Loss Success Story

Weight Loss

Nick’s Weight Loss Success Story I joined the All-In Challenge with No Bull Nutrition and CrossFit Woodbridge to continue my weight loss and muscle gain journey. I wish I would have known about flexible dieting a long time ago. I… Read more »

Bulking Phase Success Story with TJ Fabis

Bulking Phase Success Story

Bulking Phase Success Story I just finished up the 8 week All in Challenge with Crossfit Woodbridge and No Bull Nutrition as well as my first Is a Body Challenge . The pictures on the top I weighed in at… Read more »