Jamie’s Success Story

Name: Jamie McMahon

Age:  34

Time with No Bull: 20 months and 10 days

Goal of the program: lose weight and gain strength.

Weight gained/lost (with an explanation if necessary, for example in the case of going from a cut to a bulk): I lost a total of 50lbs with no bull.  I weighed in at 239lbs and finished the program at 189lbs. I since have evened  out and stayed  steady anywhere between 193 and 195.

Overall review of the program:
The No Bull  program was a game changer and an eye opener for me! The program allowed me to continue to eat my favorite foods, become educated on what my body needed as well as learn how to manage my work, at home and before and after gym eating habits. The program taught me that I didn’t have to starve myself or cut out anything from my diet  in order to loose weight or gain muscle. It taught me how to balance my diet.  Stephanie was a wonderful coach and was there for me every step of the way. I always looked forward to her weekly check-ins. Her check ins gave me the opportunity to let her know how my body was reacting to amount/ types of foods she wanted me to eat week in and week out. I learned body transformation does not happen over night! It took time for my body to adjust my new way of eating. It was a marathon, and my persistence paid off. I couldn’t of turned my health around without the help of Stephanie and the No Bull Program.