Haley’s Success Story

Name: Haley Nicoll

Age: 25

Time with No Bull: 12 weeks

Goal of the program: Lose weight and get back my pre-pregnancy body

Weight gained/lost (with an explanation if necessary, for example in the case of going from a cut to a bulk): I lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks

Overall review of the program: A month after giving birth to my first baby, I plateaued with my weight loss. I was still 15 pounds over my pre pregnancy weight. So, I emailed Stephanie with No Bull Nutrition to see what it would take to lose those last 15 pounds. I thought that my goal weight was so far away and thought so negatively of myself. I remember my first week of checking in with Stephanie, I told her that I didn’t even recognize the body in my first week’s photos. But, every week, Stephanie made me feel so comfortable and confident that I could reach my goals. She took my feelings and opinions into consideration and knows how to make you feel amazing. I HIGHLY recommend working with No Bull Nutrition if you want to learn how to eat what is best for your body- Especially if you are a new momma! This program has been very eye opening to just how unbalanced my diet was before starting this program. I am now much more aware of what I am putting into my body. I have not only seen physical results, but I find myself having more energy and an overall better attitude throughout the day. Thank you No Bull Nutrition!