Hannes’ Success Story

Overall how has your experience been with Coach Steph?

I could not be happier with my experience with Stephanie!  Her
patience and willingness to answer my questions and give good
suggestions and advice in general, and during my travels in
particular, have been extremely helpful.  She is very knowledgable on
the issues of nutrition which has given me faith in simply letting her
do the thinking and planning.

What surprised you the most while being on a macronutrient diet and
working with Steph?

What has perhaps been the most surprising to me is the amount of food
I’ve been able to eat.  I have learned that I’d been eating way too
little.  Initially I was quite concerned that I would gain weight, not
lose which was my goal, if I ate as much as Stephanie prescribed.
Needless to say she was correct and now I simply follow along and
track my macros as prescribed.

What do you feel you have gained from this experience if anything?

I have a much better sense for how much and what type of food I need
to eat to feel good, both in and out of the gym.  I’ve gained a much
better understanding and appreciation of what my body needs to eat,
both the type of food and volume, in order to reach my goals.

How do you feel now vs before you started working with Steph?

I have more energy and my energy supply seems more balanced throughout
the day.  I feel leaner, fitter, and healthier.  I also find that I
sleep better and overall my mood is enhanced.  Most importantly I am
healthier, not just feel healthier but actually healthier.

How has being on a macronutrient based diet changed your
relationship with food and your overall health?

Being on macronutrient based diet has really helped my health and
significantly changed my relationship with food.  I give great thought
to the type of food I eat, especially if I go out to eat.  I’ve
noticed how sensitive my body is to salt and processed foods and as a
result I try to eat as clean as I can, even while on travel.  But as
Stephanie has told me many times, if I’m on travel or fall of the
“wagon” all I have to do is get back on it…. that advice has taken
away the stress associated with needing to be perfect every day as I
know I can always get back on the “wagon” and continue my journey to
healthier living.  Being on a macronutrient based diet has
significantly changed my relationship with food and I’m fitter,
lighter, leaner and healthier than I was when I started this