Caitlin’s Success Story

Name: Caitlin Colenda

Age: 32

Time with No Bull: 3 months

Goal of the program: To lose 3kg and adopt an overall healthier eating regimen, incorporating more fruits and vegetables and being mindful of portion sizes.

Weight gained/lost (with an explanation if necessary, for example in the case of going from a cut to a bulk): Lost 3 kg!

Overall review of the program: Stephanie set me up for success by easing me into the program. In the past, when I counted macros following another program, it was such a drastic change in the beginning it made sticking to the program much more difficult. By easing in, I was able to be more successful. The No Bull Nutrition blog was a lifesaver for me. There were so many easy and delicious recipes that provided for variety in my diet. I previously viewed “macro food” as plain and repetitive, but with the blog I learned it can be the exact opposite. Stephanie was knowledgeable and provided thorough explanations when I hit a rough patch. I achieved my goals and then some, because overall my body felt so much healthier. I didn’t realize how before this program the way I was eating was actually making me sick. I also survived the holiday season and lost weight during it, because I was able to have a program that held me accountable but still allowed flexibility for a treat here and there. Thank you No Bull!