My Success Story Part II

36 weeks pregnant : 6 days postpartum : 3 months postpartum

There was no magic pill, no crazy crash dieting, and no crazy workout routine. My avenue for success was through consistent flexible dieting and exercise. The combination of the two allowed for me to stay healthy and to help make my postpartum recovery time much easier. Flexible dieting allowed for me to keep my energy levels up (which is HUGE when you are pregnant and then when you have a newborn), keep myself healthy, and most importantly, keep my milk supply strong! Currently I am still strictly breastfeeding at 3 months post partum and technically I am also still 3 lbs over my pre pregnancy weight. Patience is the name of the game though and I am in no hurry. Being healthy for me and baby is what is most important at this point. Last thing worth mentioning is that I have also remained consistent with my workout routine throughout the entire pregnancy and post (with the exception of 6 weeks completely off from everything to let myself heal). I excersice 3-5x per week through CrossFit and weightlifting (don’t be afraid of the weights ladies!!).