Andrew’s Success Story

Name: Andrew

Age: 30

Time with No Bull: 5 months

Goal of the program: My goal was to lose weight in order to be more competitive with Olympic weightlifting. 

Weight gained/lost (with an explanation if necessary, for example in the case of going from a cut to a bulk): I lost a total of 25 pounds.

Overall review of the program : I was truly on the fence about getting help with No Bull Nutrition. It had nothing to do with Steph at all. I have been “burned” by so many “nutrition coaches” in the past. I would always start strong and then fizzle out about two months into a program. My wife wanted to do this so I decided to jump on as well. I WAS GLAD I DID IT!

I quickly learned that I wasn’t fueling myself right prior to joining. All the people I worked with in the past had cut my intake down so low that it made me not want to continue with the weight loss. No Bull Nutrition provided a far better service in terms of what I was looking for. I provided feedback to Steph every week and she adjusted my intake to accommodate feeling fatigued or feeling like I wasn’t recovering. She was very in tune with my responses and I was able to get to a point where I was eating more than I ever have before and still dropping pounds. The crazy thing about it all was that I was able to lose body fat while getting stronger. My numbers maintained (and got better) while I was in the gym and I started feeling way better about myself. More importantly, I noticed that I was in better shape at work as a firefighter. I felt better on the fire ground and I knew I was in a better position to help when the tones went off. We can’t control a lot of things at work but one of things we can control is our nutrition. I was glad that this journey helped on so many levels.