Success Stories

Kim’s Success Story

Name: Kim Brunette Age: 41 Time with No Bull: 22 weeks Goal of the program: Lose weight without losing any strength and to be able to perform better in the gym Weight gained/lost: Lost nearly 40 pounds “The program has… Read more »

Mariah’s Testimonial- Flexible Dieting Before and After

Mariah’s Testimonial- Flexible Dieting Before and After Name: Mariah Roling Age: 25 Time with No Bull: 12 weeks Goals: Cut fat, but maintain muscle. Run faster. More pull-ups and push-ups. Learn the proper nutrition my body needs to be a… Read more »

Rachel’s Testimonial

Time with No Bull: 2 months Goal of the program: strength, energy, lean out Weight gained/lost: maintained weight, but lost about 4% body fat, 3” in the waist and 2” in the chest.   “I absolutely loved being a part… Read more »

My Success Story

“My goal was to cut weight for a competition. It was super important that I did not lose any strength during the process. With flexible dieting I was able to drop 10 lbs and get leaner in just 8 weeks…. Read more »