Tyson’s Success Story

Name: Tyson Nicoll

Age: 31

Time with No Bull: 7 Months

Goal of the program: My main goal was to do a lean bulk and reach 180 lbs.

Weight gained/lost: My start weight was roughly 168 pounds. During the first 3 months I got up to about 174 pounds. Then I went into a maintain phase for a few weeks and then went into another gain phase for the next 3 months to end at 180 pounds.

Overall review of the program: Stephanie was very good to work with. She listened to what I wanted to accomplish and made adjustments accordingly. When I told her I wanted to maintain after my first gain phase she was quick to make the right adjustments. When I felt like I would reach 180 pounds and told her I was done with the program she told me everything I needed to know to maintain my weight and what adjustments to make if I saw my weight dropping.

The hardest part of the program was learning to track my macros. The first week was pretty frustrating, but Stephanie was really responsive to my emails and very encouraging. Based on my experience with Stephanie, I would recommend her program to anyone looking for positive changes in their lives.