Rachel’s Success Story

Name: Rachel King

Age: 30

Time with No Bull: 17 weeks

Goal of the program: Build strength, better more consistent energy, and enjoy the body composition changes that came with those goals 🙂 

Weight gained/lost (with an explanation if necessary, for example in the case of going from a cut to a bulk): No change! But that’s the best part! It really shows that while the scale can be a useful tool, it should not be the only tool to check for progress/health. It has been really fun when women approach me at the gym and ask how much weight I have lost to tell them none and see their faces.

Overall review of the program: I am a personal trainer and certified nutrition coach, but I also know myself.  I would never stick to a program if I did not have some accountability. Knowing I was checking in with Steph each week was exactly what I needed to get myself to stick to this. I love that she doesn’t use just one tool to track progress and looks at the whole picture. I am also a mom to three and I appreciate so much that she never made me feel bad about myself for having an off week when myself or the kids were sick or we had a bad week of sleep. She totally gets that life happens and that reaching your goals is not a linear graph, but one with plenty of ups and downs. I am so much stronger in the gym, I have much more energy throughout the day, and I am shocked when I look at my pictures from December until now.