Flexible Dieting

No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge- Day 9- Managing Stress

Stress. A very unfortunate part of life. At times it can seem unavoidable and extremely unbearable. Today’s mini challenge is going to focus on how we can manage stress a little better. Managing stress is a very useful and necessary… Read more »

No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge Day 8- Mindful Eating

Food. We all love it. It is a healthy, pleasurable necessity that satisfies hunger and fuels our bodies. But what happens when we find ourselves eating for the wrong reasons. In our food abundant, diet-obsessed society, it is easy to… Read more »

No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge Day 7- Tracking Alcohol

Welcome to Day 7 of the No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge series! Today’s topic of discussion is on tracking alcohol.  As social creatures, we often find ourselves in situations where alcohol is being served. Maybe it is when you are… Read more »

No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge Day 6- Treat Yourself!

There are two different types of people in the flexible dieting world- clean eaters and then the rest of us. That is one of the pros of flexible dieting. You get to decide what foods you want to eat. Some… Read more »

How to Make Macros Work on Vacation

Vacation. The time of year we all look forward to. It is a time for relaxation and letting all responsibilities go out the window. You have your flight and hotel booked, clothes are packed, now only one question remains..what am… Read more »

No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge Day 5- Balancing Macros

We have all been there. Its the end of the day and our fats are too high, protein is too low, and carbs are somewhere in the middle. Balancing macros can be tough but do not fear, there is a… Read more »

Buffalo Chicken Wrap Recipe

When it comes to cooking and finding new ways to make macro-friendly dishes I am all about quick and easy. Here is a buffalo chicken wrap recipe that is just that!   Ingredients Chicken Breast Low-carb tortilla wrap Low- fat… Read more »

No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge Day 4- Realistic Expectations

Today’s mini challenge is all about discovering how to have realistic expectations for yourself. Flexible dieting is tough and can be a challenge for newcomers. It is important to remember that this isn’t a diet where we are just cutting… Read more »

Managing Shrinking Macros

So you have been at this flexible dieting thing for some time now. Things were going good and then all of the sudden you realized that at each check-in your coach has continuously begun shrinking your macros. In the beginning… Read more »

No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge- Day 3- Flexible Dieting Grocery List

Welcome back to Day 3 of No Bull Nutrition’s mini challenge series. So far we have discussed what our intentions are going to be and how we can create successful habits to bring those intentions to life.  Often times when… Read more »