No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge Day 7- Tracking Alcohol

Welcome to Day 7 of the No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge series! Today’s topic of discussion is on tracking alcohol.  As social creatures, we often find ourselves in situations where alcohol is being served. Maybe it is when you are out to dinner with friends or even watching your favorite sports game. Regardless of the scenario, if you are consuming alcohol it is important to know how to track it properly.

Before we dive into how to track it, it is important to note that alcohol should be consumed in moderation. I am simply going to share with you how to achieve your goals while still being able to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time.

tracking alcohol

How to Track Alcohol:

It is up to you how you wish to track your drink. You can choose to track it as a fat or
carbohydrate, or even a combination of the two. Here are the formulas to use:

Track as Carb: Take total amount of calories in drink and divide by 4.
Track as Fat: Take total amount of calories in drink and divide by 9.

Example: 150 calorie Beer
Tracked as carb: 150 calories/4= 37.6 grams
Tracked as fat: 150 calories/9=16.7 grams
Combination of the two: 75 calories/4=18.6g of carb +
75 calories/9= 8.3

Alcohol needs to tracked in a special manner is because it is not processed in the body the same way a protein, carbohydrate, or fat is. But with just a little bit of math, you can drink and be merry at your next social event guilt-free.