No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge Day 5- Balancing Macros

We have all been there. Its the end of the day and our fats are too high, protein is too low, and carbs are somewhere in the middle. Balancing macros can be tough but do not fear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. During today’s mini challenge we are going to discuss how you can make smarter choices to ensure that your macros will stay in perfect harmony each and every day.

 Balancing macros can be a much simpler task than you may think. Sometimes all it really takes are some minor tweaks here and there. I am going discuss 4 examples of how the choices we make can affect your macros for better or worse.


Balancing Macros

Example #1- Oils/Butters vs Cooking Sprays

If you are like me, you may find that your fat numbers seem to disappear faster than the rest. If this is the case for you as well, it may be a good idea to examine the amount of oils and butters you are using throughout the day. To further explain, one tbsp of olive oil can have up to 14 grams of fat and one tbsp of butter can have 11 grams of fat. If you would rather consume those fat numbers in a solid form instead, I would try switching to a no calorie cooking spray or opting for a light version of the oil/butter of your choice. This will help preserve some of those fat numbers so you can instead enjoy a nice steak for dinner.

Example #2- Ground beef vs Ground Turkey

Here is another opportunity to save on fat AND get more protein. One oz of ground beef contains 8 grams of fat and 4 grams of protein where as one oz of ground turkey contains 3.5 grams of fat and a roughly 8 grams of protein. A simple switch to make that will reap major benefits in the end.

Example #3- Starbucks drink vs REAL FOOD

This one may seem obvious  but you may be surprised to learn how much fat/carbs are in your favorite Starbucks drink. To get an idea click here. I always say it is much better to EAT your macros rather than drink them. If you have fallen victim to splurging on high calorie drinks, think about the stack of pancakes you could be eating instead.

Example #4- Cream and Sugar

This one can tie into example #3. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you may want to consider ditching your cream and sugar add on. If you can’t get your head around the idea of drinking black coffee, there are also a TON of sugar-free/fat-free creamers out there that may do the trick for you.


Spend this week examining the choices you are personally making. Are your fats being consumed entirely by cooking oils or by the type of meats you are eating? Do you drink away a large portion of your fats and carbs? If this is the case, make an effort from here on out to make different choices. In the long run these choices will hopefully make balancing your macros a little bit easier.