No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge- Day 9- Managing Stress

Stress. A very unfortunate part of life. At times it can seem unavoidable and extremely unbearable. Today’s mini challenge is going to focus on how we can manage stress a little better. Managing stress is a very useful and necessary tool that can truly benefit everyone. Without the implication of stress management some pretty serious health issues can arise. For example, too much stress has been linked to sleeping issue,  weight problems and so much more. Today we will discuss some different ways to manage stress so we can avoid running into these problems.

Managing Stress

managing stress1. De-clutter

Surrounding yourself with clutter is only going to send a message to the mind that life is out of control. Keeping a clean and organized living space will help promote a more calm mindset. Having a calm mindset will help alleviate stress and allow for you to better manage stressful circumstances when the arise.

Tips for de-cluttering.

  1. Tackle one space at a time
  2. If you are not using it, or it is ugly to look at, get rid of it!
  3. If you can’t get rid of it, “out of site out of mind” is my favorite motto. Store the item away safely in a box or drawer.

2. Get outside

There is no denying that enjoying the great outdoors is a perfect way to alleviate stress. Being surrounded by nature has been shown to increase your immune system functions and decrease stress hormones. Get outside today and go for a hike, ride a bike, or play a pick up game of soccer! Whatever outdoor activity you enjoy doing, try and add it to your routine at least once a week.

3. Listen to Music

Everyone loves music.  Research has actually shown that it has real therapeutic qualities. Music has the power to slow down your pulse and decrease blood pressure in the body. Everyone has their own personal preference on music choices but be sure to listen to yours as frequently as possible. Whether it be in your car or while you take a shower, music can help quite the mind from life’s demanding tasks.

4. Sex

This may seem self explanatory but have more sex! Sex has been linked to lower stress hormone levels and overall a happier life. Devote time into your relationship and bring some more pleasure into your life. Sex can even burn calories and can help you work towards a healthy body and mind.

managing stress

5. Laughter

Negative thoughts can destroy happiness. Having a negative mindset can lead to lower energy levels and a decrease in confidence levels. Having a good laugh from time to time will help pull us out of the negative thoughts that can be so consuming. Try not to take life to seriously and instead work towards laughing your ass off each and every day. Everyone is attracted to laughter and smiles so spread the joy!

Use this week to work towards de-cluttering your environment, getting outside more, having more sex, listening to more music, and laughing your ass off! In the end you will be a much happier person with hopefully a little less stress to deal with.