How to Avoid Going Overboard During the Holidays

The holidays are that sweet time of year that we get to spend with the people we care about most. But what comes with those people are lots of delicious foods and parties galore!  This is the time of year where our favorite holiday dishes, sugary sweet treats, and buttery deliciousness all comes out from hibernating and immediately into our bellies.  This year, I say let’s try a new approach. I am here to show you how to enjoy that sweet potato casserole and that pumpkin pie without tipping the scales.


Remember what is important about the holidays..

The holidays are our opportunity to spend with those we love. There is no need to create any additional stress. If possible, let people know ahead of time that you have goals and need to stay within certain parameters to meet those goals. This will help your loved ones have a better understanding for why you chose to eat less, or did not eat certain dishes.

Flexible eating is all about enjoying the different aspects of life while keeping them in moderation to promote good health.  The holidays should be no different. Moderation will be the key to making it through the holidays. Going overboard is easily avoidable. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the holidays and stay on track:

  1. Take some time to plan ahead.

    This will give you an idea of how to set up your macros throughout the day so you can allow yourself some wiggle room later one. Go into myfitnesspal and look up your family’s typical holiday dishes ahead of time. This will give you a better starting point for you rest of your daily macros you will need to set aside.

  2. Stick to the healthier choices

    Vegetables are the best way to get as much bang for your buck. Sticking with veggies will allow for you to eat larger volumes of food without killing it on the calories and macronutrients. This can also help you reach your daily fiber goal as well!

  3. Smaller meals throughout the day

    Although this is not optimal, it may be necessary to skimp on breakfast or lunch so you can save up for later. This will give you more calories to utilize if you plan to eat a bigger meal later on.

  4. Portion control

    Sometimes portion control is easier said than done. I get that. All you really need to do is take a few bites and when those bites stop being life changing then stop eating it. This will be most helpful if you try to remember to fill up the majority of your plate with proteins and veggies. The more you can fill up on protein and veggies, the less room on your plate for those calorie dense foods.

  5. Over estimate your plate

    Just because it is the holidays does NOT mean you have to stop tracking. In fact the opposite may be true depending on what your goals are. I understand that bringing a food scale to the holiday party isn’t really going to work well, that’s okay. When tracking the foods you eat, I recommend over estimating the portion sizes you are having. Just assume you will have more than what you think. Doing this can help alleviate some of your concerns about hitting your macros. If we overestimate, then we don’t have to worry if there was more butter that we had thought.


At the end of the day don’t forget flexible eating is so much more than just how you eat. It truly is a lifestyle that respects how crazy life can get and applies principles to keep a healthy balance. Do your best to stay on track this holiday season but most importantly remember to enjoy the time with those you love. After all, there is no damage that can not be undone.