An Interview with Team No Bull Member, Paula Brunette

Flexible Dieting Success Story

Q:  Why did you decide to join No Bull Nutrition?

I joined after seeing the results people were getting from the flexible dieting.  Over the years I have tried EVERY diet there is out there.  While I did take weight off, I always put it back on plus more.

Q:  Was there anything about the program that surprised you?

Yes, mainly how much food you can eat in a day and still lose weight.

Q:  How have you managed to stay of track while balancing your work and social life?

It hasn’t been much of problem.  I have learned where we can go to eat out and what I can make work to stay within my numbers.  Going to a party is a bit more tricky.  I usually eat before going and then being very careful.



Q:  What has been the biggest change you have made in your lifestyle and/or relationship with food?

I no longer buy a bunch of junk food.  Making better choices has been a learning curve, but in the end it has been well worth it.

Q:  What advice do you have for other people considering joining No Bull Nutrition?

Don’t get discouraged at the beginning.  It takes a little work to learn what works for your numbers but it gets much easier.  If you can plan your meals the night before it makes life much easier too.

Q:  What has been the greatest reward for you, and the greatest struggle since you started with No Bull Nutrition?  How have you managed to overcome?

The best has been buying clothes in sizes I haven’t worn since I was really young!  Also, my husband says my legs look as good now as when we first met.  My blood pressure has also dropped so I’m healthier as well.  The biggest struggle I guess is giving up some of the favorite junk foods.  But, after a while, I really haven’t missed them.  Every once in a while, I do go off the “reservation” and just have a day where I eat whatever, but always go back to the program the next day.