Eric’s Flexible Dieting Testimonial

Flexible Dieting Success Story


Name: Eric Lowney
Age: 29
Time with No Bull: 12 weeks
Goal of the program: Lose 10 pounds of fat, keep all my muscle, and not lose any of my strength
Weight gained/lost (with an explanation if necessary, for example in the case of going from a cut to a bulk): 21.3 pounds lost (goal of 10)

Overall Review of the Program

“This program was eye-opening for me.  I had already been cross-fitting for 9 months and while I was getting stronger and faster, my body shape was not changing.  Any time I felt hungry, I would eat to make sure I was giving my muscles enough so that they could grow/heal and be ready for the next day.  I never paid much attention to what I was eating and definitely did not look at nutritional facts, and my body showed it.  I thought I was in decent shape, but the first day I took pictures and really looked at them is when I realized how bad it had gotten.  I set out a goal of losing 10 pounds since I figured I hadn’t been able to do that in 9 months, if I could do that in 12 weeks that would amazing.  The first couple of days were tough, I had to learn what nutrients were in what foods and how to use a food scale, etc.  But after a couple of days I realized that I could just eat the same thing as I did the day before and hit my numbers.  I never had to do that, but having that ‘safety-net’ let me brave new things each day.  I continually added more ‘good’ foods to my diet, I erased almost all alcohol consumption (by choice), and we cut eating out to a minimum.  I absolutely hate to eat out now, but the lack of meals out more than paid for the challenge.  Most places don’t want to tell you what is in there food (but they want you to eat it??) it takes a long time to go out to eat (travel and wait), it is more expensive, and it is much more unhealthy.  There were foods that I would normally eat that would be double the fat content I should have in an entire day.  I had NO idea.  Having the group on Facebook was awesome, we shared recipes back and forth and it helped to find interesting foods that you could eat all while hitting your numbers”

Flexible Dieting Success Story



“I lost 21.3 total pounds (as of this morning) but I’m not stopping flexible dieting.  I love that I now know when I have eaten enough food, because I really can’t just eat based on ‘feel’.  There are days when I had to eat and didn’t want to (felt full) and there are days when I ate all of my food but still felt hungry.  I just now trust the program and know that I’ve had what I need.  My Crossfitting has reached a new level on top of shedding the weight.  I won the scaled division in the open at my box and even now I realize that I seldom need to stop in a workout, or that I break much less than anyone else.  My lifts on my strength have all at least stayed the same, but almost all of them have increased since I started the challenge.  People say you can’t grow muscle while you lose fat, I’d say they are uninformed.  I have definitely put on muscle throughout the challenge while I also lost over 20 pounds of fat.  It is definitely possible to do both.  I also have much more energy than I had before, which means even after tough workouts I can still play with the dogs and my daughter and don’t feel the need to collapse on the couch until I go to bed.
I’m so happy that I decided to try this and I can say that as long as you stick with it and make sure you hit your numbers, it is going to work.  It won’t always be easy but if you want change, expect to change!”