No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge-Day 19- Accountability


Accountability is without a doubt extremely important. It keeps our chances of success high and our urge to give up at bay. Sure flexible dieting can be done on your own, but where is the fun in that?  Here at #teamnobull, we have all created a strong sense of accountability. On top of the individual relationships I have with all of my clients, the community page really helps bring all of us together. The community behind #teamnobull really has done a tremendous job sharing tips, recipes, and tackling issues some members may be struggling with. All in all, our relationships help keep us accountable. The more accountability we can provide for ourselves, the more likely we are to succeed. For today’s mini challenge we are going to discuss why it is essential to keep yourself accountable and how you can.



1. Accountability Produces Better Results

When you connect with your coach you are able to work out any personal kinks that may arise in your program and nutrition plan. As your coach I am here to provide reassurance that you are doing (or not doing) all that you can. This connection ultimately allows for you to have all the skills and confidence necessary to successfully execute your plan.

2. Accountability Helps Measure Success

As your coach it is my responsibility to help define what success looks like. As long as we stay connected I am able to set milestones that will continue to measure your progress. This will help keep you on track towards reaching your goals.

3. Accountability Keeps You Interested

As we all know, life happens. There are going to be things that come up that are going to distract you from your goals and try to push you off course. Knowing you will have to answer to these distractions during weekly check-ins will ultimately help you stay focused.

4. Accountability Keeps You Responsible

When you are working with me to make lifestyle changes and you have to perform weekly check-ins, you quickly find that it is ultimately your responsibility on how quickly you will progress. Accounting for your actions everyday will force you to take hard look in the mirror. This means it will force you to stop making excuses for yourself and to start taking the necessary actions to reach your intended goals.

5. Accountability Gives You a Voice

Often times when you try and tackle things alone, there is no one to share your thoughts and concerns with. But as your coach and having someone to be accountable to I am able to silence your inner critic. I am here for you to vent your concerns, give sound advice, and hopefully give constructive criticism when need be.




How to Stay Accountable

  1. Create a buddy system. Whether its your spouse, best friend, or family member, find someone with similar goals to buddy up with and tackle flexible dieting together
  2. Accept responsibility. No more excuses.  Shift your perspective and begin to empower yourself to help eliminate some of the excuses that may be holding you back.
  3. Talk to your coach. I am here to help you reach your goals! If you do not communicate with me or do your weekly check-ins that throws all accountability out the window and means your chances for success are dwindling.


To ensure accountability, I strongly encourage all members to take advantage of the Facebook community page. Furthermore, be sure you are continuously checking-in with me every week. And always voice any questions or concerns you may have.