No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge-Day 12- How a Positive Attitude Yields Positive Results

Positive Thinking

How a Positive Attitude Yields Positive Results

Today I am here to discuss a very important concept that we could all use a helping hand with. I am here to talk about the power of your mind.  More specifically, how your attitude may be what’s ultimately holding you back from reaching your goals. The power of positive thinking is not a new concept. It is a tremendously powerful tool that can be applied to all aspects of your life. Today, I want to specifically discuss how we can apply it to your weight loss journey.

Positive ThinkingThe Harm Behind Negative Thoughts

Consistent negative thoughts can create a vicious cycle.  Negativity ultimately can lead to self-defeating behaviors that can cause us to lose sight of our plan. Losing sight of our plan can lead to falling off our nutrition plan, overeating, and even skipping out on our exercise routine. All of these behaviors (that stem from our attitude) will stall our weight loss journey and prevent us from reaching our goals. Below I have created a list of common negative behavior patterns that we as humans create for ourselves. Use this list to help stop yourself from falling victim to the harm that comes from negative thinking.

Putting Yourself Down

Many times I find that clients tend to be too harsh on themselves when they haven’t their numbers spot on, didn’t see a weight change, or didn’t make it into the gym. Cut yourself some slack and realize that putting yourself down is only going to cause more harm to yourself in the long run. This mind set can actually sabotage your journey. Next time you find yourself being over critical of your progress, take a step back and realize you are making huge personal leaps and bounds. Be proud that you are at least putting in an effort. Many people out there can not say the same

Negative Self-Image

I know you have heard the saying “your thoughts become your reality”. The same can hold true for weight loss. If you have it in your mind that you sluggish, out of shape, and unhappy then that is what you will become. Holding on to negative self-image is ultimately zapping your of precious energy.  This can lead to depression, loss of motivation, and loss of energy. Put that energy elsewhere. Focus on your workouts and your performance in the gym.  Use the principle of “fake it til you make it”. Tell yourself you are fit, energetic, and happy. Slowly but surely this will become a reality for you. The mind is a powerful tool. Transferring your energy to where it is needed is going to help you reach your goals. Leaving your energy to be sucked up by negative thinking is only going to hold you back from those goals.

Reverse the Patterns

Next time you find yourself trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts, there are strategies you can try implementing to help you reverse the patterns.

Focus on the Good

Maybe you didn’t hit your numbers spot on but that is not where the focus needs to be. Focus on the good.  For example, maybe on that particular day you avoided temptation and didn’t have those donuts that your co-workers brought in to work. Maybe you put just one scoop of sugar in your coffee instead two. Take pride in the small triumphs you have throughout the day and focus less on the rest.

Keep a Journal

Next time you find your emotions running wild, try keeping a journal to log how you feel. If nothing more the act of writing down what you are going through will serve as a distraction. Log down those positive triumphs you have or even that today maybe you didn’t have any willpower left in you. Whatever the case may be,  writing in a journal can help you become more aware of your thought and behavior patterns which can help us begin to create new ones for you.