MyFitnessPal Tips and Tricks- Part II

“Green Check Mark”

Welcome to part II of the myfitnesspal tips and tricks blog series. Our previous topic discussed the barcode tool. Today we will be talking about the green check mark.MyFitnessPal-Logo-EPS-vector-image



If you have been using myfitnesspal, you may notice when you search for a food sometimes the food item has a green check mark by it and sometimes it doesn’t. The green check mark signifies that that particular food item has been verified by myfitnesspal. Other users have entered many of the foods you find in the database. When there is a check mark by it, that simply means the nutrition info has checked for accuracy. However, just because a food hasn’t received a green check mark does not necessarily mean it is inaccurate. Always double-check the info regardless!


Until next time, track on!