Lauren’s Success Story w/ Coach Cat

Overall how was your experience with coach Cat?

My experience with Cat was exceptional!  From day one, I felt comfortable sharing with her my concerns with starting a new lifestyle and she was so accessible when I had questions regarding the track we were on or if I had challenges like traveling or not having a kitchen to meal prep.

 What surprised you most about being on a macronutrient based diet and working with coach Cat? 

I think once I got into my groove and figured out what foods I liked and what “fit” into my daily percentages, it all clicked.  I will definitely continue on this way of being and tracking my macros.

What do you feel you’ve gained from the experience, if anything? 

I have a deeper understanding of macronutrients, what foods fuel my body and how much food I really need and don’t need.  I think my diet is more balanced and I feel so lean!

How do you feel now compared to before you started working with coach Cat? 

I feel light and lean and I am living a new life when it comes to my relationship with food.  Before I started tracking and really seeing what I was eating, I was not as happy with how my body looked and felt.  There is a real science and effectiveness to this method of dieting and I totally see the difference, the before and after pictures speak volumes.  Even though tracking everything is kind of annoying, I am still going to continue tracking everything in Myfitness pal so I stay within my means!

 How has being on a macronutrient based diet changed the way you look at food, and overall health? 

I thought coach Cat was such a good, easy, real and rational coach.  She met me where I was and even when I came up against some resistance in my head, she talked me through it and we stayed the track.  Cat was always so prompt with correspondences and check-ins.  I felt like I was in great hands!!!!  My view on overall health has shifted and I now see how only taking in the macros my body needs is so beneficial for my mind and body!  I feel clean, clear, and light and lean!