6 Ways to Survive the Season

6Ways to Survive the Season

For many, holiday fun=gaining weight. But do not fear, it may not be as much weight as you think. In fact,  a recent study was done by the University of Georgia that examined the patterns for holiday weight gain.  Nutrition researcher Jamie A. Cooper, PhD found that on average people only gain roughly 2 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  What this means is that there is no reason to miss out on your favorite holiday treats. You just have to smart in how you approach the holidays so the 2 pounds do not suddenly multiply.

Today we will discuss 6 ways to survive the season. Holiday parties don’t have to be a free for all that wrecks your nutrition plan. Follow the tips below for help navigating everything from buffets to the booze.

Survive the season

  1. Eat Before

    Be sure to have something to eat before you go to a party. Having a small snack before you go will help prevent you from overindulging on treats at the party. Try reaching for something that has protein, fiber, and some healthy fats in it. Those three nutrients in combination will help keep you feel full and satisfied so your cravings are subdued.

  2. Buffet Rules 101

    If you attend a party and there is a buffet, the rules are quite simple… One trip. One plate.  No stacking.  And if you find you have to contribute a dish be sure the dish you bring is macro friendly so you can be sure you will have something to eat

  3. Watch the Booze

    Drinks can be tricky as they tend to come with a lot of hidden calories. You don’t have to avoid them all together but be sure to try and alternate the cocktails with water to help keep things in check.

  4. Be Choosy

    Be picky about the treats you allow yourself. After eating said “treat” you have to be able to feel as though that treat was worth it. Tasteless, store-bought treats are not worth it. Instead save your indulges for something you absolutely love.

  5. Take the Treats to Go

    Often times when we are at social gatherings we tend to eat out of obligation because someone has offered a treat that they made from scratch.  All you have to do is say ‘thank you- this is so nice. I am not hungry now but I am going to save this for later’. Grab a ziplock bag or some aluminum foil and take it home! You can even put it in your freezer for a later day. This approach dodges all bullets. You’re not throwing it away, you’re not saying no, you’re not insulting anyone, and best of all, you can eat it later!

  6. Get a New Perspective

    Although this season comes with A LOT of good food it is still nevertheless important to remember that it is also about connecting with people. Be sure to take the time to put the fork down and talk to people too.