25 Tips to Make Tracking Macros Work for You- Part II

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25 Tips To Make Tracking Macros Work for You- Part II

We are back with Part II of our tips and tricks on how to make tracking macros work for you. Today we will be giving you the inside scoop from the pro’s with 25 additional recommendations on how to do flexible dieting the right way. If you missed Part I of this series, be sure to check-it out so you can have all 50 of macro counting how-tos! Now, let’s dive in to it..

  1.  Determine how many meals you will be eating per day and try to evenly distribute your macros and fiber accordingly. This way, you will be getting a steady flow of energy and can avoid having to over stuff at night or feel starving throughout the day.
  2.  If you find you are struggling with hunger levels, try eating larger meals less frequently as opposed to smaller meals more frequently. This could help keep you feeling fuller for longer keeping the hunger levels at bay.
  3. If you struggle with overindulging, try buying the mini or low calorie options for foods. 100 calorie packs and mini ice cream sandwiches are an easy way to encourage self control.
  4. Try to buy everything unsweetened. This way, you can control how many extra calories are added by using a sweetener type/ amount you prefer.
  5. Don’t be shy at restaurants! Ask the waiter for modifications to your meal. Swapping the mayo for mustard or your french fries for salad will go a long way. You can also ask for your protein to be cooked without any additional oils/ butters.
  6. If you are trying to save on fat and add some more protein to your meals, try swapping sour cream for non-fat Greek yogurt. You will get the same creamy texture and won’t even taste the difference.
  7. Help keep your meals lower in calories, and high in variety, by trying out different condiments. Mustards, hot sauces, and different spice mixes are an easy way to keep your palate from getting bored.
  8. Getting tired of your protein shakes? Try mixing it in with your coffee for a rich and protein packed energy starter!
  9. Be sure to double check sauce labels for any added sugars and fat contents. You can save yourself a lot of carbs/ fat by choosing unsweetened or reduced fat options.
  10. Need a new breakfast item? Try some high protein pancakes or waffles. My favorites include About Time Protein Pancakes and Kodiak Cakes
  11. Need a treat to satisfy your sweet tooth that won’t mess up your macros? If you are an ice cream fan Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream needs to be a staple in your household. It comes in a large variety of flavors so you won’t get bored and the carbohydrate and fat content per serving is very macro friendly.
  12. To save on fat, try swapping out your butters and oils for 0 calorie cooking/ butter sprays.
  13. If you are graving some pasta but want to keep your carbohydrate amount down, try using zucchini noodles instead of a whole grain noodle.
  14.  Craving peanut butter? Unfortunately peanut butter is rather high in fat and can do damage to your total macros for the day. Instead, try swapping it out with PB2. All you will need to do is add water and stir. Use it as a fruit/ veggie dip or simply as a topping to your morning toast.
  15. Struggling to meet your fiber amount? Try using high fiber breads/ wraps. My personal favorites are Nature’s Own High Fiber Bread and Flat Out Wraps
  16. Completely overwhelmed with hitting your numbers? Pick one macronutrient at a time that you will master. For example, during your first week you can focus on your protein intake. Once you nail that, move on to the next macro.
  17. Most people eat roughly the same foods time and time again. If this is the case for you, make yourself a food list with ingredients that you reuse frequently. This way, when it is time to go to the grocery store, you will already know what you will be shopping for.
  18. If done correctly flexible dieting comes with a massive increase in energy. Be sure to put this energy to good use by keeping your activity level up. Find an exercise routine you love, go for a walk, or even just play with your kids more! You will be more active and it will help in your weight loss journey.
  19. Connect with other flexible dieters. If you are struggling to stay motivated or are bored with your food choices, connect with some other flexible dieters out there! Having a support system is an extremely important component to making flexible dieting work for you.
  20. Trick your hungry mind by finding foods that take awhile to eat. A good example of this is popcorn. If you shop wisely, the fat/ carb content is low and you will have a high volume snack on your hands!
  21. Applying all the tips and tricks to crave your hunger levels but still struggling? Try drinking more water. Sometimes thirst and dehydration can be confused with hunger by the brain.
  22. Sleeping only 5-6 hours a night and not losing the weight? Try bumping this up to 7-8 hours per night. Inadequate sleep causes a spike in Cortisol which will make the weight loss process extremely hard if not impossible to accomplish
  23.  Speaking of making the weight loss process difficult, living a high stress lifestyle will have the same effect. If you have a stressful job/ life, be sure to incorporate an unwinding activity that you enjoy such as meditation or yoga.
  24. Want flexible dieting to serve it’s purpose? Do NOT eliminate any foods or food groups (for example no sugar). Plain and simple this is not a sustainable practice.
  25.  Get help! If you are struggling to stay on track with flexible dieting or you are not seeing results then it is probably time to seek the help of a professional. Sign up with No Bull Nutrition to get and get your very own personal nutrition coach to help keep you on track.


There you have it folks! 50 total tips and tricks to make tracking your macros and flexible dieting work for you. If  you aren’t applying these methods already, try them out and see the effect that they can have on your overall success. I promise that they won’t disappoint!

Happy tracking everyone-