An Interview with Team No Bull Member, Kim Brunette

Flexible Dieting Success Story

Q: Why did you decide to join No Bull Nutrition?

About 4 years ago, I decided that I really needed to make some changes to feel better. I started walking and adjusted my diet – trying to lay off the carbs and cut out some of the sweets. I did see some results. After about a year, a crossfit gym opened near me and I joined up. Although I was getting my workouts in, I did have some creep into my diet and I lost some of the initial gains I had made. I met Stephanie at the gym and knew that she and one of the other coaches saw great results with their nutrition. I asked about what macros were all about and was intrigued by the notion that I could see improvements while still being able to eat the things I like. Very little is off limits and I don’t feel compelled to eat things I don’t care for. When Steph let me know she was starting No Bull Nutrition, I was eager to try it out.

Q: Was there anything about the program that surprised you?

It has been great to see the improvements in my weight and body composition while still able to eat the foods I like. I also chuckle to myself when other folks tell me about how my hard work has paid off – I really don’t feel like it is a lot of work…just some planning ahead.

Q: How have you managed to stay on track while balancing your work and social life?

I take my lunch most days, which allows me to plan out my day in advance. If I know I am going out, I look at menus ahead of time and plan for what will work best with my macros.

Q: How has your performance in the gym (or outside of the gym) been affected by flexible dieting, if at all?

I have been able to maintain/increase my strength. The biggest gains though have been with my cardio and gymnastics skills. Not carrying as much weight, I have been able to get my first dips, pull-ups, toes-to-bar, rope climbs and have seen improvements in my running, rowing, and overall endurance.

Q: What has been the biggest change you have made in your lifestyle and/or relationship with food?

I am much more mindful now about my food and keeping to the plan. That way, I don’t have to think about what I am going to be eating.

Q: What advice do you have for other people considering joining No Bull Nutrition?

Plan, plan, plan. If you plan in advance, you aren’t scrambling to try and fix things at the end of the day. The planning to me is like food Tetris – it is hard to get the pieces to fit at first, but as you get used to the program, it becomes easier.

Q: What has been the greatest reward for you, and the greatest struggle since you started with No Bull Nutrition? How have you managed to overcome?

The greatest reward is how much better I look and feel. The greatest struggle is a tough question – there hasn’t been anything to overwhelming. I struggle at times with saying no to foods that really don’t fit my macros/my plan for the day and I also struggle to not be so neurotic if I don’t hit my numbers on occasion – if I am off for a day, it’s not the end of the world. Neither of those outweighs the positives, so I just try to keep on the path