No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge- Day 2- Create Successful Habits

Create Successful Habits.

Day 2 of the No Bull Nutrition Mini Challenge series. Today we are going to discuss what it takes to create successful habits but first lets start by reviewing what we have done so far. We spent the first half of the week setting our intentions and brainstorming on what our personal goals are. Goal setting is a crucial first step of the process but now I am sure you are asking yourself.. now what?

Often times I find that clients grow concerned about their progress. People tend to feel that their body compositions isn’t changing fast enough or they start to compare themselves to other transformations they see online. Unfortunately this is going to be a losing battle. Everybody is different. Everyone has their own personal journey and changes happen at a different pace for each individual. It is crucial to stay focused on yourself and ignore all the noise around you.

With that being said, the people behind the transformations you see online that inspire you do not have a secret trick or magic pill. Everyone has those days where they feel the cravings kicking in or they would much rather eat out than getting up 20 minutes earlier to meal prep.  The successful people are not doing anything abnormal, they are simply sticking to the plan. As your coach I am here to try and give you the tools you need to be successful and reach your goals, ultimately though it is up to you to make it happen.

So now we will talk about what you need to do to make it happen and what the habits of a successful flexible dieter are…..

  1. Communicate and Ask Questions. Being a part of #teamnobull means you are a part of a community. Take advantage of it! The member’s only Facebook group “Team No Bull” is the perfect place to ask any and all questions. Of course any program specific questions can be asked to me but I would always prefer you to clarify and reach out to others before going at it alone.
  2. Be Over the Top Thorough. During your check-ins a half filled out spreadsheet or a summary that says “feel fine, workouts good” doesn’t give your coach much to work with. The more thorough you are with your check-ins the easier it will be for me to see how you are doing. Don’t leave out any details (OR PICTURES!).
  3. Be Honest. Honesty is going to be the only way you will have success with this program. If you have a day where you didn’t measure your food or you went drastically over your numbers, you have to let me know. This all leads back to needing to see the big picture and all the fine details of you are doing.
  4. Track Everything. I provide you with your macro numbers but ultimately it is up to you to hit those numbers. Being consistent each and every day is key. Over eating one day or under eating another is not going to yield results. Hitting those numbers everyday is the only way to see results.
  5. Minimize Error. If it has a calorie, you have to weigh and measure it. When we are trying to achieve our goals, frequent estimations are only going to stall the process. The more precise you can be with weighing and measuring the better. Accuracy goes a long way and will create good habits.
  6. Be Honest With Yourself. You are going to get out of this program only what you put in. Sometimes it is necessary to ask yourself if your efforts are in line with the goal you are trying to achieve. This is a little bit of tough love but in order to see change happen you are going to have to step outside of your comfort zone. This means you may have to spend some extra time meal prepping rather then watching tv. This also means you might have to make different food and drink choices when going out with friends. The amount of work you put in is going to reflect directly on the results you will get.
  7.  Don’t Stress. Try and relax and enjoy the experience. This is a lifestyle change that is going to help you create a new relationship with food. Find ways to unwind and let this experience happen without worrying to much about it. Always get creative with your food choices and keep your diet varied.

You have made the first step by signing up to make this lifestyle change for yourself but again it is ultimately up to you to see it through. Just know when you see an amazing transformation online know that you can achieve the same thing. Use this mini- challenge to identify some ways you can improve consistency and accuracy. No Bull Nutrition is here to help you reach your goals and then exceed them but I can’t help you unless you help yourself.